Award Nominations

Lexplore shortlisted for BETT Awards INNOVATOR of the year!

Our team was delighted to hear the new that Lexplore has been shortlisted for the prestigious ‘INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR’ Award at the Bett Awards 2019.

After only launching in the UK earlier this year we are extremely proud of the hugely positive impact our technology is already having in many classrooms. Our entry was based largely upon feedback from educational professionals currently using our solution to revolutionise the way their schools view and assess reading.

Replacing the many lengthy paper-based testing methods, our unique assessment has been able to uncover examples of children who were not previously identified as having reading difficulties in a matter of minutes, and help teachers develop evidence-based intervention plans to improve literacy levels across the board.

Managing Director Stephen Park upon learning the news ….. “I’m incredibly proud to be a BETT awards finalist, our team in the UK and Sweden have worked very hard to bring to market an exciting product which uses the latest in AI technology. The aim of Lexplore is to ensure children never leave school struggling with reading. Our solution supports the teaching community by backing their professional judgement in no time at all, allowing more time to support children with reading at a crucial stage in their development”.

In the time before the awards in January 2019 we look forward to continuing to work with customers, both existing and new, giving more teachers the tools they need to really make a difference to reading attainment.

More information on our AI based solution can be found on our website and social media platforms.

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