Improved Equality

Recently there has been a focus on reducing the attainment gap between pupils from different backgrounds, as even though the aim is for all children to obtain an adequate education, inherent differences can often make this a challenge.

Socio-economic factors can play a major role when it comes to identifying students with specific reading difficulties. Those who grow up in more difficult backgrounds run a greater risk of being overlooked and not receiving the support they require.

Developing reading skills is particularly critical for this group of pupils since lagging behind only increases the attainment gap and encourages poor school performance and low self-esteem, simply perpetuating the differences between pupils. Our method offers a new, effective way to assess the reading attainment of all pupils in a school or LA in exactly the same way, with minimal influence from external factors. In this way, we can help ensure that all children with reading difficulties are identified early and given the tailored support they require.


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