For LA and MAT officials

For schools involved on an LA or MAT basis we can help those in charge gain a clear understanding of reading at all levels within their organisation.

Our Portal enables progress to be easily monitored over time and increases understanding of where central resources are most required. Lexplore can help you quickly and easily evaluate your reading programmes across many different organisations, so you can ensure all your students are given every opportunity to develop a love of reading and fulfil their potential.

As our Portal also allows comparisons to be made to the national averages we can give those in charge an increased understanding of their organisational performance in a much more an external context. Our objective data can then be used to measure the impact of organisational or local authority led initiatives over time.


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Award Recogniton

Innovator of the Year Finalist!

BETT 2019

Our team was delighted to hear the new that Lexplore has been shortlisted for the prestigious ‘INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR’ Award at the Bett Awards 2019!

Read more about it here

Winner of ED Tech Startup Awards

EdTech Sweden • 2016

Winner of Nordic Edtech Award

Nordic EdTech Award 2017

Empowering health. Best Cloud Solution


Best European technology scaleup 2017

EIT Digital Challenge • Digital Wellbeing