Our Story

Following 30 years of academic research at the Karolinska Institute, which has selected the Nobel laureates in Physiology and Medicine since 1901, we first launched our unique method of assessing reading in Sweden in 2015. After a successful entrance into the US in 2017, we then launched in the UK early in 2018.

Our work is still driven by the same overarching commitment to education upon which Lexplore was founded many years ago, by Gustaf Öqvist Seimyr and Mattias Nilsson Benfatto, researchers from the Marianne Bernadotte Centre and also the founders of Lexplore. Both Gustaf and Mattias recently featured on the 2019 Royal Academy of Science and engineering’s list of most prominent 100 Swedish scientists for their work and are still involved in product development at Lexplore today.


Since 2015, our assessment has undergone much further development, making it even more useful for enabling schools to closely monitor and evaluate reading progress. Today, having conducted more than 10,000 tests across all three countries, we have featured heavily in the press, including on BBC News, been nominated for BETT, E-Assessment and ERA awards, and have been ranked 8th in Europe’s top 50 most innovative companies!

Our assessment is also now available in many other countries across Europe and the Middle East.

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Lexplore Testimonials

Bernadette McLean

Independent child literacy expert • Former principal of the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre

“Current reading assessments are simply not good enough. When we look at a standard test score in isolation, it tells us that a child can’t read. It doesn’t tell us why that child can’t read. Lexplore gives us much more than a simple score or percentile, making it easier for teachers to uncover the potential reasons why a child cannot read.”

IT Lead

Adam Luxford • Freemantle C of E Community Academy

“Thanks to Lexplore we now have a rigorous and quick method of assessing children’s reading ability and the methods they use in order to decode text. We can assess children without adding to the work load of the class teachers, with the intention of also providing effective interventions for the teachers again without creating unnecessary admin.

We will be able to quickly and confidently identify problem areas where interventions may be necessary working in depth on the pedagogies of reading. Lexplore has given us the tools for tracking the progress of these interventions over time displaying it in a very tangible way.

The process of screening pupils could not be easier and often is a very enjoyable experience for the pupils. The training is very thorough and contact with the company is easy and available at all times if any questions or problems should occur. 

The portal is very clear, straight forward and is easy to use and understand. The data is displayed in a very visual manner giving an overview at a glance. Being able to see the child’s eye movements has been fascinating, insightful and at times mesmerising. The assessment has helped highlight students with optical impairments or pupils that may require reading glasses, based on their eye movement.

I feel that our knowledge of what makes a ‘strong’ reader has really been improved thanks to the scientific methods used by Lexplore.”